Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lt. Dan Band Jam Quick Shots

Been meaning to explain these shots that have been up on FlickR for a few days. What? You Didn't know I posted stuff to FlickR? Wow. You've been missing out.

The CBS series CSI:NY shoots on the CBS Radford/Studio City Lot where our station is located.

It seems to be a tradition for their production to throw a mid-season wrap party and invite other folks working on the lot to come over and enjoy music, free food and drink.

The menu last year featured hot dogs and hamburgers. I've always classified hot dogs and hamburgers as some of nature's most perfect foods for all the eclectic ingredients found in each.

Somewhat sadly, I'm really really trying to not put anything into my mouth just because it's free.

(You may chuckle for a moment like Beavis and Butthead)

That's working out pretty well for my overall diet and fitness goals, but I should be honest and admit we got back to the lot late from our assignment and the food was all gone.

I'm going to pretend I wasn't going to eat any hot dogs or hamburgers, but truthfully we'll never know. I was just happy to get a chance to see Gary Sinise rocking out with his band.

While we're pretending, let's pretend I didn't stop for a Tommy's Burger on the way home.
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darleene said...

Dude, at least you got to see some of the show! Alex, across from me, went, but totally forgot to tell anyone else there was a big party going on!

beFrank said...

There were flyers in the lobby all week!

lomara said...

Hey the Lt. Dan Band! I have been wanting to see them for ages.

beFrank said...

Well, there they are. Now you've seen them. What d'ya think?

lomara said...

Maybe I should rephrase my comment to say "Hey, the Lt. Dan Band! I have been wanting to HEAR them for ages!" :P