Thursday, October 30, 2008

Make It Count

The number of people who will vote in this election is expected to break records.

I'm curious about the individuals who complain about their life or about the government and still won't take the time to make their choice.

Wait, maybe they are making a choice.
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lomara said...

I spoke to one of your work collegues today, Dave Malkoff. He wants to talk to me about a story he's working on about the "what's in your bag" flickr group. I put in the good word for ya!

beFrank said...

Thanks for the good word (just one?). I like hanging with Dave, he's one of the top gadget geeks at the station. When he, myself and our tech reporter (Rich DeMuro) get together it feels like a tech summit.

darleene said...

Tech summit? Count me in!