Thursday, October 02, 2008

Smell the Roses? Yeah, right.

I mean it. I have no time to post anything today. That means I haven't posted all month.

Photo by Suzie Suh

I'm working on a couple of projects at home and trying to juggle my bid to take over the world.

Photo of Suzie Suh

This week has been pretty cool. Not "drive the James Bond car" cool, but pretty cool none the less.

We should try to catch up this weekend. You know, maybe have a beer and some fajitas after I get the yard work done.

I've got to take a quick shower and get ready for work. Thank goodness it only takes me 2.5 seconds to wash and dry my hair.


That was the assignment desk calling. I have a couple extra minutes. All week I've been working with the OC bureau reporter, Suzie Suh. They had to juggle things a bit for an early assignment for her, so I'm just going to meet another crew up at UCLA for debate coverage.

The snake photo is from the story I covered on Tuesday night. I'm still kind of floored by the story from last night. We really should talk about that later.

Whoops, I gotta go.

Watch the debate.

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