Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Very Artsy

Dellis and I are pretty much on the same page as far as living the bohemian artist life in downtown Los Angeles.

Yeah, that'd be pretty cool.  We'd love to own a loft with a city view.

No, we wouldn't want to live there all the time.

It looks like we'll be staying in suburbia for the time being.  That'll work as long as every now and then we can hit a gallery show opening like the one put on by Edgar Varela's Fine Arts.

I think everybody knows I was coming down with something over the weekend.  Even though I did manage to work in the yard during the morning, I was already feeling pretty far under the weather.  By Saturday night, there wasn't much gas left in my tank.

Still, I've managed to miss most of the gallery openings (except my own) that I'd been interested in this year.

Plus, because of our conflicting schedules, my lovely wife and I also haven't been having enough time together.

The gallery space was cool.  I like the mid-renovated decayed vibe of downtown art space.

The artists on display were Meeno Peluche (I really want to see Cuba someday), Shalon Goss and Alexandra Breckinridge.

They all had nice works and I'm glad I dragged myself out of the house.

being the goof that I am, I wonder if anybody saw when I tried to toss a couple of bills to the blind guitarist playing in the gallery.

One bill hit the mark.  the second bill landed on the floor by the guy's foot.  I almost reached down to pick it up, but it just seemed too much of a sitcom set up.

The show runs from now until the end of the month.


Time for work.  Gotta cowboy up and head out.
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Royal Williams said...

Hey cousin, I was browsing through your site when I noticed the pic of you and cousin Delis. You both look really nice.