Thursday, December 04, 2008

Release the Stars!

It turned out pretty cool. Yeah, I know I might have sounded kind of down on the event in the earlier post. Forget that because (WAHOO!), we got some stars on the carpet.

In the plus column, we had enough room to turn to the left or right without bashing our carpet mates in the noggins.

My luckiest shot came when Christina Aguilera made her way down the carpet. She wasn't slowing down to chat

Keep in mind, it's not always easy to snap a quick shot while handling the big TV camera. I don't even want to think about how many shots I took that are never going to see the light of day. The challenge for me is to get a quick shot between interviews and after I've shot enough b-roll of the celebs while they're still in range. I really have to be quick.

Some of those celebs are skittish and move like jackrabbits.

Not in the plus column, we couldn't bash our carpet mates in the noggins. Well, not with a plausible excuse.

Here's Tim Myers. I know, he's a famous musician. He was the first celebrity to make his way past us on the red carpet and the Grammy people only let famous musicians talk to the media on the red carpet.

Seemed like a nice guy. We didn't talk to him.

We totally would have talked to Taylor Swift, but she was one of the faster celebs.

Wait a minute. No, hey we did talk to Taylor Swift.

LL Cool J, who also holds the land speed title for fastest celebrity on carpeted surfaces, was the evening's host who managed to slip past us on the carpet line.

I've got share my appreciation for Kathy Griffin. We wouldn't have gotten nearly as much "good stuff" if she hadn't been working the carpet.

I've never seen anything like it.

She was blocking, stalling and intercepting nearly every celeb passing up the local stations. She was great. As far as I'm concerned, somebody should pay her to run carpet interference.

Hmm, better yet, everyone just make it a point to try and see her show when she's in town.

Let's seee, who else was there.

Lindsey Buckingham (he was in Fleetwood Mac).

Jermaine Dupri (he was not in Fleetwood Mac).

Christina Aguilara (also in Fleetwood Mac. . .okay, just kidding and besides, do I really need a reason to post another picture of Christina?)

John Mayer, whom I have on good authority, sounded great from the 4th row center (I wouldn't know myself, but we had folks on the inside).

Also, I'm pretty sure he waaaas. . .not in Fleetwood Mac.

We wrapped up our carpet coverage and rushed as fast as traffic would allow back to the station. Okay, rushed might be the wrong word for it. In getting back to the station we wasted no time, but traffic didn't make it easy to get there in anything resembling a speedy manner.

Okay, it's getting late. My back is still a bit twisted up from lugging the camera tonight and I am heading in for some rest. Sure, the first hour was slow, but that's just the way these things usually play out.

The last twenty minutes were not to be missed.


everythingsjustjake said...

gorgeous shot, bryan!

beFrank said...

Thanks. I'm a very lucky man with a camera.

EL-GUAPO said...

Many great shots, but the real sharp image of Christina was magnificent. I can't even imagine popping shots with a DSLR while handling an ENG cam.

beFrank said...

It's not the easiest thing in the world and I miss some shots I'd really love to take, but the job ALWAYS comes first.