Monday, December 15, 2008

Winter (News) Wonderland!

Holy Jingle Bells, it's cold out here! Yeah, okay, but I guess I can't complain. A lot of people are out of work right now and the coming year looks to bring the pain like nothing anyone has seen in recent memory.

I'm up in Gorman covering a winter storm. I wish I were two miles up the road, in Frazier Park covering the storm, but like said, I can't complain. The hotel in Frazier park is closer to the better live shot locations, but we got booked into the hotel a couple miles away in Gorman.

That's just the way things go on the road. You kind of have to just roll with it.

We got here yesterday well before the snowfall. I helped with a couple of satellite shots from an overpass looking down on I-5. Traffic was clear and moving full pace. The storm wasn't expected to hit until much later in the evening.

It was cold though. Yeah, it was really cold.

After the 6pm show, we broke down the location, packed up the van and moved to my favorite snow spot. That would be the jack in the Box parking lot near the freeway off-ramp in Frazier Park.

The last time I was here (back in February), we started out as a daily assignment an wound up staying in pretty miserable conditions for the next five days.

No hot water and I became a trendsetting model of truck stop clothing.

At least this time I'm better prepared. I've got a bag packed that will carry me through the next few days and I know the lay of the land much better than I did last time.

I still held out a slim shred of hope that the snow was going to be less than every weatherman expected.

I woke up to this scene from my motel room balcony.


Oh, well. At least (I think) I'm not on the clock until noon. After 9am or so, I'll call the station and confirm what they want me to do today.

It's kind of funny. I fully expect to be miserable being away from home and working in the freezing cold. On the plus side, I'm sure to get a few interesting still shots.

Now that'll keep my smile on. Heck, I bet the cold will even help freeze it in place.

It just brings me back to what I said before about complaining.

Plus, they pay me to be here.


darleene said...

Wow, that is an awesome sight!

'Widescreen' said...

Your first shot beside the road is a winner.

Ken said...

Ahh.. the hotel wasn't so bad. It easy to determine if the freeway was still open without ever looking out the window.