Thursday, January 29, 2009

Night In The City.

Just because it was a training night, that doesn't mean it can't be mildly interesting.  The plan was to meet up with a crew so my Aurora Edit System trainee could shadow another crew.

Shadowing lets the trainee get some practical experience by cutting a piece for air out in the field. 
We started calling this part of the training "shadowing" a while back. 

I love it when we add to our own lexicon.

We made arrangements with the desk to shadow a crew that needed to shoot an interview in downtown Los Angeles and then would eventually be heading to South Los Angeles.

The story was about three dogs who died in a car that had been stolen, then abandoned near 95th and Main.

Whoever stole the car, left the dogs inside.

That was a senseless and cruel thing to do.

We caught up to the crew we were going to shadow at 95th and Main.  Photographer Scott Mackie shot some footage of the area to use in the story and we then had to decide on the location to set up for editing and for the live shot.

I think most people probably don't understand urban areas because their knowledge about them has come mainly from movies and television (maybe news).

There's a fear that might not always be justified.  Certainly most of the people who live in the area don't fear the neighborhood.  I'd be surprised if violence actually touches the lives of most if any of the nearby residents.


It's also probably just a bit wiser to lean towards a more cautious course of action when you're driving a big old easy-to-hit target (we call them newsvans).  Also, let's not forget, live shots have been known to draw quite a lot of attention.

Discretion and valor being what they are, we drove another mile or so further down Main and set up across from the Southeast Division Police Station.  It's so much easier to do our jobs when we're not so worried about becoming the lead.

ps- The trainee edited the story, then he and I headed back to the station.  I found out later the crew we were shadowing was pulled and sent on an assignment out in Fontana.  Yeah, THAT Fontana.

You gotta love the random nature of our job.  Well, you don't GOTTA, but it helps.
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Anonymous said...

Hey Bryan,
Did you ever think of showing up to the training day driving a lowered Monte Carlo and acting really psychotic? That would be cool.

beFrank said...

Yes, I do that now.

Sasha said...

Haha! Fontucky! Thats what my friends and I used to call Fontana