Monday, January 19, 2009

Some Days Are Better Than Others.

Looking back, I don't mind saying, Friday kind of sucked. It's not that I want to vent. Thankfully, the day is over and done. Plus, I've said before, there are lots of people who have worse days than me. It's just, well, my days are always full of potential and often pretty cool. Friday could have gone much better. Things just never quite clicked.

It started off bad with my drive to work. I travel a short distance on the 105 freeway and much further on the 110 and 101 freeways.

This is what met me on the interchange from the 105 to the 110. Traffic was bad and it never got any better. Bumper to bumper all the way through downtown and all the way to North Hollywood. Longest drive to the station I can remember ever having.

By the time I got there (late) the crews were heading out the door and I was left standing around looking like a newbie freelancer fresh out of Bakersfield.

After a few hours, I finally got an assignment. Take a hand-off from fellow Bakersfield graduate, Photographer Rob Pearson. He was working with Sharon Tay on a story down in Long Beach.

Cool. I love Long Beach.

Unfortunately, while I was en route, that story fell through.

Rob lunched and we eventually hung out near Pine Avenue waiting for another shot at getting Sharon on TV. I hit the Starbucks.

Oh, and we'd also gotten another assignment over near LAX. Didn't get that far, maybe five blocks or so before that story was canceled too.

Back to Pine Avenue, but then the real excitement hit.

Big accident in Lakeview Terrace. Two teens suspected of joyriding crash their car into a pole.

It's about 10:00pm and we have a long way to go. About halfway there we lose Rob Pearson, but gain another photographer, Nick Mercado. He's in Pasadena and can get there first.

To get to Lakeview Terrace from Long Beach, we zig-zag through four different freeways. We manage to arrive just before 11:00pm. Nick has already sprayed the scene. The wreck looks pretty awful.

It's probably not just me, I think this is a common nightmare for most parents.

There's an officer available to describe what the police know.

It's bad, but the two teens involved are likely going to be okay. You wouldn't guess that from the wreckage, but I'm not going to question it. Much better to just be thankful.

With the plane crash in the Hudson earlier in the week, it seems like guardian angels are working overtime.

Of course the can't do much to help us. Our troubles for the night aren't exactly over.

Power lines line both sides of the street. We can't raise our masts. There's no driveway or side street close enough to help us avoid a ridiculously long cable run. We call the station to see if they want us to try for just a liveshot away from the scene.

They don't.

I was happy to call it a night. People got hurt, but at least nobody died. There's no telling what I'll be covering next week. I'm hoping for something interesting.

If not, there's always Starbucks.
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LisaNewton said...

I'm glad no one was seriouly hurt. LA traffic is famous, and why don't these people take down their Christmas decorations?