Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Starting Now!

Nothing posted since last Wednesday. Sorry. I'm nodding off after work when I usually write and post photos from my day.

Here's a quick update.

I got home last night, kissed my sleeping wife, grabbed a snack and fired up the laptop, then checked my mail while I ate and watched an episode and some change from the second season of "Dr. Who" (YAY, NetFlix!). Somewhere in all that, I fell soundly asleep.

That was not the plan. I'd blame Dr. Who, but I know it was my fault.

It happens more often than I'd like. I had intended to post about my day at work and managed to completely NOT do the thing I had intended.

Now, here I am again, at the station, sitting in the commissary and just trying to keep my head down in the hopes of maybe getting something (anything) posted.

It's so much easier when stuff happens and I get assigned to cover it.

I can tell you though, nothing actually amazing happened yesterday. It was just a training day (one of three scheduled for this week), but I haven't strung together much more than a couple of twitter updates since last week (I start feeling out of sorts when I don't write).

The pics from last night are still in my camera. They'll have to keep until I get home tonight. I promise I'll try not to fall asleep-- wait, I better not promise that. There's no telling what kind of day I could wind up having.

There's always the possibility that I might actually need to crash when I get home.

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