Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Vacation Memories

"Sherman, set the Wayback Machine to January 8th, 2009."

That's not a direct quote. I just needed to get into the spirit of writing up something I should have written about last week.

Not a lot of adventures in news to post, I was on vacation.

No real traveling, I just wanted to relax and decompress at home.

I'm not sure if anyone can relate to my need to just hang out around the house from time to time. Working in news (which I heart very much), has a habit of sending me all over with very little input in the matter. I go where the news takes me.

Sure, I dig that. It's a benefit. I enjoy the random aspects of what I do, but for me, too much of any particular thing makes it less of a good thing.

Well, except taking pictures. That's always good.

Still, from time to time during the year, I find myself wanting to disconnect from the pressures of deadlines and commitments and I just want to relax by indulging in some of the things I work to be able to enjoy.

I may have mentioned, I really like taking pictures.

Last week after two days of going and doing (Venice Beach and Bakersfield), I decided to wake up early and look for some morning golden hour photographic inspiration in my own neighborhood.

The street where I live borders the 105 Freeway. I'm only a couple of short blocks away from the Crenshaw Boulevard Red Line Station.

Since living here, I've watched some spectacular sunrises and sunsets from my home. I've just rarely taken the opportunity to walk around the corner and snap away with my camera.

I'm not much of an early morning person. Dellis was out of town with her mother and since I'm no longer allowed to make adjustments to the alarm clock settings, it seemed like a good idea to take advantage of the opportunity.

I got up zombie style and set out to snap a few pictures.

I'm no stranger to riding the rails, but I'm not positively clear on the legality of snapping photos from the Red Line Station itself. I do know there's a big sign that clearly states only ticketed passengers only.

No problem there. I bought a ticket. Seemed like a worthwhile investment of a buck and a quarter.

The sun was up and even with the morning haze, I managed to snap a few satisfying pictures.

Nothing award winning, just shots that I'll be able to look at somewhere down the line and smile from being reminded of the memories of that day.

Maybe it'll be years from now and I'll have gotten really good by then at taking pictures. Maybe I'll wonder why I didn't use different settings on the camera. I can see me kicking myself.

It could happen, I do that sometimes now.

More likely though, I'll cut myself some slack. It was a beautiful morning. Nobody called the cops on me (that's always a concern) and the pictures I took will hopefully be around for a long time.

No deadlines were hit. No time sheets, invoices or expense reports needed to be filled out. I took all the time I wanted and as much time as I needed.

I'm glad I had the opportunity to share, but I'm going to cut it here. If I try to say anything more about it, I might screw up that feeling of freedom.

Enjoy your day. I'm certainly enjoying mine.


Ron said...

Isn't it weird folks will call the cops just because someone is taking a picture? Esp if you don't look "professional"

darleene said...

I like that last photo. Very nice light.

Noel said...

I lived in Downey in 06. Rode the rail and cruised the 105. Good times.

Wayback machine worked!)