Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Where Was I On Inauguration Day?

Yeah, I'm as shocked as you are that I wasn't in Washington D.C. to cover the inauguration of the first black President of the United States.  What can I say?  Economic times are tough on news.

We've cut back considerably on the stories we're traveling to cover.

I'd long since resigned myself to the fact that "we" weren't going to DC.  Since "we" weren't going, "I" wasn't going to foot the bill myself to witness the inauguration first hand.

There's a better than good chance I'll be adjusting that attitude, because the economy sure isn't going to pop back over night.

That's why I woke up early and drove down to the big public viewing party at LA Live.

"Woke up" might not be the most accurate term for it.  I somehow managed to drag/crawl/stumble my way out of bed and woke up enough to navigate my way down to what was likely the biggest local public inaugural event.

CBS2/KCAL9 had a crew out.  I chatted with a few of my news brethren.  It felt really odd not being on the clock and this was the first time I've ever just gone out to snap stills of a news event.

A few blogging heavy hitters were in the crowd.  (I hope I get the facts right) Eric Richardson of "blogdowntown" introduced himself to me.  I've been to his blog on occasion because I secretly want to live downtown and ride a bicycle everywhere.

Just like another blogging hero of mine, Will Campbell.  Decked out in his most patriotic of cyclewear,  Will (not to be confused with Dave Bullock) also extended his hand in greeting.

The day wasn't about me and my blog, but I really need to mention that Mr. Ali and Mrs. Andrea Santana decided to witness history on the jumbotron screen.

(Woo-hoo, "asantana" made the blog!)

There was definitely something about being in a community of others that seemed to motivate folks to watch the show somewhere other than in the comfort of their homes.

Gee, maybe they should have had the inaugural here on the West coast.

More than one person commented to me about the warm weather we were having this morning compared to the East coast.

Personally, I freeze solid at temperatures lower than "brisk" and I can't imagine what I would have had to wear to keep warm in Washington.

Looking at the t-shirt, I'm surprised there weren't more vendors out (might have something to do with the venue management).  I probably would have picked up a t-shirt or maybe a bacon wrapped hot dog.  The Starbucks was open, but I didn't even want to think about what kind of line might have been going on in there.

Speaking of lines.

One of the more interesting attendees (no, not our reporter).  If this is a mascot for something, I'm sorry, but I don't know what it is.

It was a good sized crowd, but nowhere near as many people as those watching it first hand.  Still, the emotional mood here at LA Live was actually touching.  I could see tears in quite a few eyes.

My job gives me great opportunities to be a witness of history as it's being made.  The down side?  I don't get to participate and I don't always get to let myself feel what other people are experiencing.

It's a bright wonderful day or maybe I might be just jazzed about the Obama Presidency.

There is a certain audacity to hope, I'm told.  I really wish our President all the best on this day.  I thank him for his hard work in just getting to this point in time.

I'm glad I was able to make it out and capture a few moments of this day in photos.

(Heh-heh, I deleted a couple of long paragraphs.  Going off on a tangent, I was writing a whole thing about me and taking pictures, but it got to be more introspective than I feel like being today.  Some other time.)

I've got to run.  You know, the day isn't over yet.
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Eric R said...

It was great running into you this morning. I've read the blog for a long time and have tried to keep an eye out whenever I'm at an event where a KCAL/CBS2 truck shows up.

We pushed two stories on this morning's event. I covered the bigger picture:


Ed was taking people shots: