Monday, February 09, 2009

There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.

Did you forget I was at the Conga Room for an assignment last week?  I didn't.  That was a nice memory that kept me warm and in my happy place as I did liveshots in the rain.

Christina McLarty and I got to go behind the scene at the NEW "Conga Room" over at LA Live.  It's a nice place, but this was one of those assignments where we zipped in and out pretty fast.

It looked like a place I'd like to visit.

The restaurant and bar areas seemed classy and with the glass partition between the main club area, you might actually be able to have a conversation while you people watch and enjoy your meal.

Speaking of meals, there were some good things being cooked up in the kitchen.

The Conga Room's Head Chef Alex Garcia prepared a couple of signature appetizers for us and one of their bartenders set us up with a couple of drinks.  We couldn't do much with the drinks, maybe look longingly at them, but the food was going to fill a warm spot close to my heart. 

Shooting food stories are usually fun.  The crew often gets taken pretty good care of by the restaurants where we're shooting.

Sometimes the best laid plans.

While we were there, a live band was setting up and doing sound checks for that evening's entertainment.

I was shooting b-roll.  Not thinking, I walked away from the food.  Maybe I shouldn't have walked away.

It all came to screeching halt.  As I was shooting the b-roll, I heard from across the room:

"Are you guys done with this?"

Everything-- no, wait, maybe just me, started moving in slow motion.  It was like a horrible dream sequence and I couldn't do anything to save the snackage.

It was gone just like that.  Think cartoon piranha chewing up Daffy Duck.  A couple of the bartenders scarfed it down and all I could do was turn away and mumble things I don't usually write in my blog.

Sometimes a taste of something from a nice restaurant is an unexpected treat.  It's a nice change of pace from maybe say, eating cold fast food while standing in the rain doing liveshots.

Still, just being there was a nice change of pace from the daily grind.  It was fun to at least see the inside of the new Conga Room.

That free lunch thing isn't always true, but this time it certainly was.

Hey, wait a minute, that's not altogether true.  The bartenders got a free lunch!
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Sasha said...

I like your blog! I'm a former LA girl working in news in Grand Rapids. (I'd much rather cover LA news!)

Rick Rivers said...

Especially love your night time shots.

Thomai said...

is this in the same or a diff location than the old conga?