Friday, April 10, 2009

Dueling Memorials

Cue the banjo.

Since I'm not the biggest baseball fan on the planet, the impact of the tragic death of Angel's pitcher Nick Adenhart is in the same emotional range that I feel for, say. . .

. . .Brian Powers who also had a memorial of the makeshift variety at the stadium last night.

For me, there's no question that the death of both young men is sad, tragic and made (if possible) even sadder by the senseless circumstances surrounding both incidents.

Adenhart was killed by a drunk driver and Powers died in a fight at Angel stadium after a game.

I'm not saying that we should have done anything differently, it just felt strange and maybe a little awkward to cover the death of Adenahrt. . .

. . .but not even acknowledge the second memorial probably less than a hundred feet away.

We hit three times. We talked to half a dozen people and cut a package that ran at 10:00pm and 11:00pm. Most people had come out because of Adenhart, but there were many people also there for Powers.

Quite a few visited both memorials. I was just kidding in the title to this post. There really wasn't any kind of competition between the two.

I'd be surprised if the question never came up to any of the media types, but no one asked me directly why we weren't giving Powers any coverage.

I don't know.

Maybe the question had already been asked and answered. Maybe people just assumed they already knew the answer. I couldn't tell you. I'd just be guessing.

What I can tell you? I work in news for a living. I take the assignment given and just try to do my job the best I can. We didn't acknowledge both deaths last night, I hope am doing that here right now.

For the friends, fans and families of Nick Adenahart and Brian Powers, I'm very sorry for your loss.


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Surfsister said...

Yet another example of how our culture celebrates celebrity and ignore the Average Joe (which most of us are). So sad for both men.

Thanks for saying hi at my blog. Earlier this week I stopped by your blog to catch up as well.