Sunday, April 19, 2009

Recent Reporters.

Somebody asked me a question recently. Which reporter do I work with? Well, really all of them (one at a time of course). It's mostly luck of the draw on any day that I go into work. I never really know who I'll be paired up with for that day. Just like I also never really know for sure until I talk to the assignment desk where I'll be going and what story I'll be covering.

This weekend, instead of writing (which is what I should have been doing), I spent some time sorting through photographs I've taken since the beginning of this year. I decided to share a few shots on Facebook and decided to cross post them here as well. Some have been seen before, but others have never popped up here on the blog.

I hope you enjoy them.

I'm still listing this shot of Kristine Lazar as one of my favorites. I think it captures well the feeling of glamour that goes along with reporting the news.

Yup, nothing quite as glamorous as a live shot while standing in mud during a bad weather story.

Suzie Suh on her pink netbook on the night before Barack Obama's Town Hall Meeting in Orange County.

Lisa Sigell and Leyna Nguyen being harrassed by me in the newsroom. When will I learn to stop bothering people for their photograph?

Hopefully never.

Here's Dave Malkoff logging tape before we edit a story on a mother who gave birth at a convenience store. Because of strict union rules, Dave is only allowed to push two buttons and adjust one volume control knob on the equipment in the rack inside the microwave truck.

He can use the shuttle knob on the deck, but then I have a form to fill out for that.

Sandra Mitchell heading back into the station and probably not expecting to be ambushed by stalking photographers outside of the station.

Reporter Glen Walker (whom I've heard has accused me of only photographing female reporters) taking over a story from Reporter Randy Paige and the dayside crew.

The fabulous Leyna Nguyen in a shot that I think works pretty well in black and white.

Jocelyn Pierce getting ready for one of her first live shots in Los Angeles on her first day reporting for CBS2/KCAL9. I think it's pretty cool that I have pictures of historc personal moments like this.

Juan Fernandez and I on a breaker. You probably can't tell from this shot, but there's a patrol car putting on a light show right next to us.

Okay, I've got to get back to work, but I'll wrap things up with this shot of Melissa McCarty who has been one of the best sports about indulging my habit of snapping pictures between live shots.

This shot is from a couple of weeks ago. I intend to make the "jumping reporter" a series, but the opportunity hasn't presented itself yet with anyone else.

Have a great Sunday and I'll try to post a couple of shots from NAB tomorrow.


jumpcut said...

I can't believe you didn't include the shot of Sharon Tay you posted a few months ago, kneeling in the cold while she waited for a delayed live shot to go on. A classic.

beFrank said...

Hey, you're right. Sorry. I know the shot you're talking about, but I think I missed it when going through the archives. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Ron said...

Great series Bryan. You do have some great shots of coworkers! And nice that they're good sports about hour hobby too :-)