Friday, May 01, 2009

District befrank:13

We shot the story on Venice Beach. I'm surprised we didn't draw a crowd, but we certainly got a lot of stares and even a few admiring shout outs.

You maybe should know that today was my last day before I start my annual birthday week vacation. Funny, I usually get the crappiest assignment available on these days. I don't know why or how I wasn't covering swine flu in Riverside. It's not like the assignment desk could possibly know my vacation sche-- hey.

Well, no matter. The assignment was an interview with a group promoting Parkour in the United States. You can Google it or see examples on YouTube, but Parkour is the activity in which the participants try to move from one point to another by the most direct route as possible.

That involves a lot of climbing, jumping and bypassing most conventional (sane) routes.

A couple of participants ran through some nice flips, tumbles, jumps and climbs all over things that you normally don't see people flipping, tumbling, jumping and climbing on.

When a lot of your day is often focused on death and grief, it feels nice to witness vitality, life and exuberance in the form of simple athletic movement.

I could barely keep up with them as they ran across the sand, but the enthusiasm and energy was contagious.

So much so, that I did a backflip onto my couch when I got home. Luckily, my lovely wife was around to hand me the TV remote and a beer.

Maybe it wasn't so much of a backflip. It may have been more of trip, fall and faceplant.


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