Friday, July 17, 2009

Alpha Dog Results

I don't remember what I was doing (or what I was supposed to be doing) before the desk sent me to Santa Barbabra to cover the sentencing verdicts in the Jesse James Hollywood Alpha Dog Justin Timberlake trial.

All I can remember is the moment of giddy joy when they told me I needed to load up in the SAT truck and boogie on up to Santa Barbara.

Okay, they didn't say to boogie, but you better believe I boogied.

I boogied like a bat out of a desk job that was boring and slowly driving that bat crazy.

You wouldn't know this unless I told you, but I had to stop here to make sure I got all the names right. Hey, pretend I never said that.

So, the assignment was in Santa Barbara and the time was 10:30am when I left the lot. Driving well within the posted speed limits (snicker) I managed to meet the Ventura bureau reporter and photographer in front of the court at just before noon.

Not bad. We had everything set and ready to go by five minutes after the start of the show, but they slotted us for 12:30pm.

We did a quick live hit and then waited for the expected press conference which began at 2:00pm(ish).

First to speak were the parents of Nicholas Markowitz, Jeff and Susan. I don't know who the woman in the middle was, but I had interviewed Susan Markowitz several years ago and I kind of recognized her to the left.

In my experience, you might never forget the pain of tragic events, but there's a point in grief where you move forward and the pain stops being what it was. It might not go away, but it stops being as large of a factor in your life.

Way back then, it didn't seem like Susan Markowitz had reached that point. Hopefully, the result of the trial of Jesse James Hollywood will help her along.

Hollywood's dad was just around the corner before the press conference. I left him alone.

Well, mostly, but not completely. I still discreetly snapped a couple of pictures of him. Would have gotten more, but he ducked back around the corner. I don't know if he saw me or if he just felt more comfortable waiting around the corner.

Right here I had some profound comments to make about Susan Markowitz being okay with the life sentence that Jesse James Hollywood got, but it's late and I probably only have a few more sentences in me before I stop making any sort of sense at all.

Naturally the death of her son was tragic. I can't imagine the pain Susan Markowitz must have felt and still feels to this day. At the press conference, she talked about not being able to get any sort of satisfaction from Jesse James Hollywood also being condemned to die (as was the trigger man, Ryan Hoyt).

(Oops, I originally had James Blatt as the trigger man. I wrote the wrong name. James Blatt is Jesse James' lawyer. My apologies to Mr. Blatt and my thanks to the person who caught the mistake. That is what happens when you try to post after midnight.)

I was encouraged by that bit of humanity. Willing to let live puts us a step up in my book. If I were ever in similar circumstances I really hope I could be as human.

Good night. I really gotta get some sleep now.
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Anonymous said...

JAMES BLATT was not the triggerman, he is Hollywood's defense attorney. Please edit, what you wrote is libelous.