Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Justice League of Photographers and Our Faces of Sunset

We all got pictures of Suge Knight at our Sunset Boulevard photo meet up, but I'll talk about that later.  It's just that I thought it deserved to be mentioned right off the bat, because, well, you know, hey, Suge Knight, you know?

As I'm writing this, it's a good morning.  Even though I fell asleep on the couch (again), I just feel like, at least it wasn't the living room floor.  I got in about 3:30am, also feeling pretty proud of myself for having eaten two Carney's chili dogs as the capper on the hastily put together photo meet up on Sunset Boulevard.

Two Carney's chili dogs?

Yeah, of course you and I both realize that I should be smarter than that.  Well, obviously you realized it sooner than I did (Carney's has were really good chili dogs).

I just say, at least we weren't doing anything that might hurt anyone.  We were not trying to do the papparrazzi thing.  We were not chasing down celebrities.

I will admit to snapping shots (along with everyone else) of the people we met, even though most of them accused us (as is now typical) of being on the job for the gossip media.  Some of them were nice enough to do a little playful vamping.

Others were just willing to at least not duck for cover.

It was still just a no stress, no pressure way to slip out from under the work day mindset.  With the kind of job I have, it's hugely satisfying to take pictures of what I choose.

After the Michael Jackson coverage?  I'd recommend it to everyone.

It's been a pretty incredible week.  Draining, but very cool and historical and for now (at least this weekend) in the past.

I have another still photo shoot tomorrow morning.  Some might think I'm crazy for trying to cram so much into the small bits of free time I have available, but these are the things that help me get my head back on straight.

Relaxation.  That's was the intent of the Sunset Boulevard photo meet up.  It was fun to hang out with friends, some of them new to our photography get togethers, but a few veterans of past meet ups were also along for the adventure.

Have you asked yourself, why we do this?

Only speaking for myself (we are not a club).  I love to write and take pictures almost as much as I like sweeping my wife off her feet with just the right words whispered in her ear.

As I mentioned, my very lovely wife is away and while I might wish I could do all three things this weekend, I have to accept that two out of three is as good as it gets.

This week.

Now, about Suge Knight.

He was spotted before I arrived, just having a shave at a trendy barber shop and (I assume) stocking up on cigars at the cigar shop next door.

We aren't papparrazzi, but we certainly appreciate a good opportunity as much as the next tourist.

Have a happy weekend.  I'm taking it easy and will try to do more of the things I enjoy.  If it's anything interesting, I'll keep you posted.
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Anonymous said...

Awesome. The Arizona Justice League, led by Clif the Lawyer, flies in one week...