Friday, October 09, 2009

How's the Food?


My schedule the last few weeks has been pretty random.  Early calls, late nights and odd assignments are always a standard thing for me, but wow.  I don't think I started work at the same time more than two days in a row in the last couple of weeks.  I also don't think I was at home or had two full days off in row in the last month and a half.

It's like I always tell my lovely wife, "Okay, some of that might be my fault."

On to last night.

We were in Norwalk and we were only in the 11:00pm newscast last night, so I had a randomly odd thirty seconds to think about things.

Lots and lots going on in my personal life.  It feels like I'm building towards something (but don't ask me what), so my free time is tight.  My family time is tight.  My time for working in the yard or around the house is nearly non-existent.

Hmm, not exactly sure where I was going with this, but there wasn't a lot of thought I could put into it in thirty seconds.

By the way, that was Suraya Fadel with me in Norwalk last night.

Our story was the one about Christine Daniel being arrested for scamming millions of dollars out of cancer patients.

Now, I know we shouldn't really convict people before the've had their day in court, but come on, she claimed to be curing cancer.

Curing cancer?  I don't have a fancy medical degree, but I'm pretty damn sure she wasn't.

We talked to an 85 year old woman named Eugenia Vigiletti.  She was one of Doc Daniel's patients and she believes Dr. Daniel ripped her off of thousands of dollars.

Stealing from cancer patients?  Hmm, how low can you go?

It wasn't a huge story, you know, as far as news stories go.  I just kind of dug giving an 85 year old an opportunity to vent about the karmic pay-back Dr. Daniel is likely to get.

Time constraints and story telling prevented us from airing most Eugenia's comments, but I think we should make a dub for Dr. Daniel and send them to wherever she winds up.

Eugenia:  I hope she likes the food.

You really had to be there to get the full weight of her words, but I could tell that she really really meant them.
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