Wednesday, January 27, 2010

On My Way Home

I was heading to work yesterday (in the rain) and was feeling less like seizing the day and more like hooking a u-turn for home and crawling back into bed.

Not a real option since I had already burned a sick day and for some odd reason it's still only January.

I made it through a very sluggish day, but found that my energy and enthusiasm didn't reach any higher levels even after I'd talked myself into stopping for a quick impromptu photography session on my way home.

I'm not going to be heading to Haiti to work. I'm not going to be heading to Cuba on my own. I'm not going to be heading to New Orleans for Mardi Gras (though I might still manage to swing a trip to Shreveport before summer to visit my folks). I'm not going to make it to Arizona to meet and take pictures with the Arizona Justice League of Photographers.

The list of things I can't easily do is longer than the list of cans.

It's all part of the same old story. Not enough time off from work. Not enough free time at home. Not enough money to do everything I want.

Still, I'm very VERY lucky and thankful that I can do some of the things I want to do and I manage to take care of most of the things I NEED to do.

Even if this seems like a rant, I'm thankful and I do feel blessed. I have the freedom to choose and I have the ability to make decision on how I spend my time and money.

That's probably how life is supposed to work.

Last night I decided to stop and take a few pictures in downtown Los Angeles. It felt good. It didn't really cost me anything.

This afternoon, I decided to spend a few minutes before work sharing my pictures and thoughts. That cost me a little of my nearly non-existent free time, but that's also okay.
It was my choice. Shucks, I think it was worth it.

ps- I have to go to work now.

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darleene said...

I love taking pictures in downtown. Love the Disney Hall shot.

Clif said...

We hope you do make it to Arizona to meet and take pictures with the Arizona Justice League of Photographers!

beFrank said...

darleene - Thanks. How're you and the family doing?

Clif - I'm way overdue for a road trip.

#167 Dad said...

Yeah, what do you mean you're not coming out to shoot with the Az. Justice League? Without Bryan Frank, there wouldn't be an Az Justice League - dammit...