Sunday, February 07, 2010

JLOP -vs- Westwood

Helloooo? Where is everybody?

I just wanted to take a few shots of buildings and streets after the rain, but I have to admit I expected the rain to have stopped by the time I got off work on Friday night.

It was still pouring off and on after I got back to the station.

My attitude? Everybody who isn't willing to go out and shoot in the rain doesn't get the cool rain shots.

My thanks to James Kang for hanging out and making the trek with me.


Clif said...

We'll probably see some of that rain here in Arizona in the next day or two. Nice shots as always!

#167 Dad said...
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#167 Dad said...

Here's another two cents from the Az Justice League: Digging the Gayley Pie street sign...