Thursday, February 18, 2010

Idols and Icons.

Pretty nice day yesterday. I got to shot a couple of stories that won't be changing the world or anything, but made me smile for the simple fact that I was lucky enough to be the guy running the camera.

First up was an interview with Fantasia Barrino. The American Idol winner is starring in the production of "The Color Purple" being staged at the Pantages theatre.

We were one of about six media outlets who set up for interviews with Fantasia inside the Pantages Theatre.

Several years ago, I'd gotten to see the work that went into the refurbish of the Pantages when the production of "The Lion King" had taken over the place.

Fantasia's people were all pretty nice. That's much appreciated, because I know these media avails must feel like being bounced around a pinball machine at times.

That story would have made for good day in itself. Often, that might have been it for me unless some breaking news popped up out of nowhere.

It was a pleasant surprise that I was sent over to the LA County Museum of Art to cover a red carpet premiere.

Not a lot of notable or even recognizable celebrities in attendance.

I do want to mention that Robert Towne, who wrote "Chinatown" and a maybe one or tow other notable films, walked the red carpet.

(It's funny, but I just realized that Robert Towne calling his script "Chinatown" was maybe a little self-indulgent. Kind of, but not exactly, like me writing a script and calling it "Frankland". I wonder if he ever noticed that. If he did, I bet it made him smile. Also, my script for "Frankland" is already in the works and will soon be available for outlandish bidding war.)

So, guess who I saw on the red carpet.

It was an event to promote the premiere of a documentary on Clint Eastwood and the release of a 35 film DVD set retrospective.

It was great, because I got to grab some quick sound (and also a quick picture) with Morgan Freeman. . .

. . .and yeah, Clint Eastwood!

They were both nice enough to make sure all the media got a chance to talk for a moment. I couldn't resist the chance to actually talk to Clint Eastwood. The thing is, I've heard he can be a little gruff when it comes to inane questions being tossed at him. I didn't want to feel stupid (trust me, it's happened before) and I'm really not supposed to be tossing out questions (it's a union thing, don't tell anyone).

So, he was turning to walk away and I stopped him when I asked if he ever felt like revisiting any of the characters from his earlier movies.

Everything got kind of quiet for a very brief moment. For a millisecond, I thought he was going to brush me off (his publicist was tugging at his arm).

Clint Eastwood stopped and actually took a moment to answer my question. He spoke for a few sentences and explained how he felt about reviving Philo Bedoe or Harry Callahan (or even the Man with No Name).

Short answer? He said, "no."

It was still cool to talk to him. Too bad, I didn't get to ask my follow up question.

"So, Clint, are you tired of people telling you to make their day?"
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#167 Dad said...

Got to tell you, talking to Clint Eastwood is the coolest thing you've shared on this blog.
Smooth, Bryan - very smooth...