Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Nixon in China in Pictures.

It was a great experience and I have to thank Andreas Mitisek and the Long Beach Opera for allowing me to photograph behind the scenes of one of their recent rehearsals.

Now, that being said, the person I owe the biggest thanks to is my favorite flautist, Teri Christian (aka FlutePrayer, who writes the blog, FlutePrayer). I met Teri and her husband, Bob, through blogging and I've gotten to enjoy a couple of the performances (Opera and Municipal Band) they've been involved with down in Long Beach (Yay, Long Beach). I've been trying to work it out to to shoot one of the Long Beach Opera performances for quite a while. Teri has been the one working on getting me the okay to come in and snap away.

I really hope I wasn't too much of a distraction. That was my biggest concern while shooting (well, that and also that I might suck at being a still photographer).

No worries. Things seemed to work out fine.

The orchestra and the all the performers had their game faces on and I did my best to ninja my way through the rehearsal.

(Whoooo-WHA-KAI! Click, Click, Click! KI-YAAA!)

God bless the Christians.

(Heh-heh, doesn't that sound kind of redundant?)


Patty said...

Your photographs are great, you do really nice work. Keep it up!

#167 Dad said...

Gorgeous shots - as usual.