Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The RROC: Round 2

Nearly this time last year, I helped cover a story on the Renegade Roller Girls of Orange County.

Cool story.  I also thought at the time that I'd really like to shoot stills of the group, because, well, that's kind of become my thing.

The girls were cool enough to let me and a few friends with cameras come out to a practice and we took a lot of pictures.

Shortly after the shoot, life got really rocky for me for a while.  I blogged about some of it, but the tip of the iceberg was all the online community really ever got.

Finally after many months I gave up on all grand plans for the still photo project and just uploaded every single shot I had on Flickr.

The Roller Girls were happy to finally get a chance to see the pictures.  I think they were mostly happy with them.  They assured me there were no hard feelings and I was welcome to come out anytime and take more pictures.

A smart man would know his limitations.

Life is only slightly less hectic now and I really have too much on my plate to commit to more outside projects.

Well, we know what a smart man would do.  Myself?  Shucks, I'm not real good at passing up opportunities to take a picture.

Anyway, we had a great time snapping away at the RROC bout this past Saturday night.

I'm a little older and hopefully a bit wiser.  I uploaded the pictures to Flickr the next day.

The last thing anyone needs is to hear the sounds of rollerskates (lots of them) approaching quickly.

My thanks again to the Renegade Rollergirls of Orange County just for being cool.
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#167 Dad said...

Great shots, Bryan! What a hoot!
And as far as smart men go, you are definately one of the smartest guys I've had the peasure to run across.

beFrank said...

Look out! Runaway "L" on the loose!