Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Freeway Shooting.

Hmm, maybe I need to rephrase that. I meant photo shooting.

I noticed quite a while ago that the bridge spanning the North bound lanes of the 110 Harbor Freeway at the Slauson Avenue bus stop has an open section of stairway with a view to the South.

Shucks, I bet that'd be an awesome place to snag a few pictures of the sunrise (or sunset or whenever).

There were a few days last week where I was just fried when I finally left the office. Emotionally and physically drained.

I didn't shoot these pictures on those days. Those days I just drove home. Had a beer. Fell asleep watching TV on the comfy couch.

Probably growled and grumbled while I was sleeping.

I think it was Wednesday that a big early call shoot got cancelled.


Did a little work around the station and then actually beat the bulk of the rush hour traffic through downtown. There's still some congestion South of downtown, but it's smooth sailing compared to coming from the 101 Freeway to the downtown four level interchange (woo, I should shoot that too someday).

SO ANYWAY, the Metro Transit Bus Stop for (I think) the Metro Silver Line was calling out to me as I approached it from the North.

It was one of those "too good to pass up" photo opportunities that most people do pass up.

I found the green mesh of the metal suicide prevention/car assault deterrent screens made for interesting texture in some of the shots. I also appreciated the weathered concrete.

It's not everyday that I have it in me to stop and get my art on. I'm just glad I did that day. I still fell asleep on the comfy couch when I got home, but at least I got one thing done.
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#167 Dad said...

You sure as heck did get your art on.
Great shots and I like the new bug.

beFrank said...

Thanks, Buzz. Bug? Check you out, with your Mr. Fancy TV terms.

Dude, let's all be artsy.

Atlsat said...

Great set, awesome images. Thanks for sharing your photos.