Thursday, April 15, 2010

News Central: R.I.P.

News Central is becoming more and more of a memory and with the de-logofication of our news vans this week, we won't even have the rolling billboards to remind us anymore.

It won't go down in history as MY favorite short lived marketing campaign.  My heart still belongs to the KCBS: "Station of the People" campaign of a few years ago.

It certainly took the crews a lot less time to take the decals off than it took to put them on.  I think they finished pulling the decals off the entire fleet in just a day.

It was interesting to watch them heat up the graphics with a blowtorch.  Kind of reminded me of my misspent youth.  Oh, the shenanigans we'd have gotten into if we could have gotten our grubby little hands on a blow torch.

I was a little surprised that the station elected to have the entire decal removed.

I know some photographers prefer to drive completely unmarked vans.  Funny, but it never really bothered me.

I worked pretty hard and did a fair amount of sacrifice (no small animals, just a year in Bakersfield) to get my first job freelancing in the Los Angeles news market.  It was a risky thing to do, but it worked out and I was very happy to be at KCAL (and later the CBS2/KCAL duopoly).

Sure, I suffer the random disgruntled middle finger salute, but I still get more waves and smiles than curses as I zip around the city.  Really, I think some of my photographer brethren just would rather not be so readily identifiable.

Zipping around the city is sometimes frowned upon by the people who write tickets and those (with nothing better to do) that have all the local stations on speed dial.

Just remember, if you see a blue newsvan ( any shade of blue) moving at speeds even marginally above the posted limits call KABC Channel 7 right away.

Heh-heh.  There goes that news van.
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turdpolisher said...

riding in a marked van makes it very tough to pick your nose at traffic lights. . . just sayin'.

beFrank said...

(Heh-heh) Tough, but not impossible.