Friday, June 04, 2010

Back In Action!

My apologies for the randomness of this post, but I'm breaking in my new "Incredible" phone and getting used to its' quirks. It has a much better camera and I'm hoping it makes it easier to post quick updates if anything interesting should actually happen.

I have to admit, the random adventure elements of my job have been more infrequent in recent years.

I find myself sitting and waiting for things to happen and feeling very frustrated when they don't.

It's nice to know I'm still a "go to" kind of guy when the big events need to be covered.

I can't say just yet where I'll be next week, but it should be interesting.

Don't worry, I will definitely keep you posted.

So, there you have it. A quick little post with a few pictures from the past week. Typing on the "Incredible" phone will take some practice. It's a little slower for me right now. I miss the Blackberry's physical keyboard and the as you type spelling correction of the "Incredible" can be a pain in the behind.

Still, I'm having fun with the technology.

It should work out pretty well for me in Boston at the game. What game?

Heh, heh. You know what game.

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#167 Dad said...

you're going to Hawk and Spenser's stomping grounds???
how cool is that?

beFrank said...

Yeah, it is pretty cool. I'm taking my leather jacket and shades. I'm going to order a cold beer while having a good meal and then I'm going to wander around helping people who have gotten in over their head and even if they lie to me, I'm going to help them anyway because ultimately it's not about them and who they are, it's about who I am and honestly, I just don't know how to not do the right thing.

This hero worship thing is going to get me killed, isn't it?