Wednesday, June 30, 2010

News Flash!

I was minding my own business.  Probably in a small funk, not mad or anything, just kind of disappointed because I wouldn't be working with a reporter and I wasn't out in my regular unit (#19) for the second day in a row.  I know, boo-hoo.  People have worse days at work.

My assignment was down in the San Pedro and I was slowly cruising in traffic on the 101 Freeway.

I heard a horn.  Joy.  We get that on occasion.  Random people just honking and waving at the news van.

I turn to look.  I'm friendly most of the time, but reserved.  Sure, it might be a wave and a smile or it just might be the middle finger salute.  Go figure, someone flipping off the news media?  How often could that happen?

Less often when the Lakers are winning (KCAL9 is the Lakers' channel.

It was two women (girls?).  They were driving a BMW (I noticed that much) and they zipped past me pretty quickly.

I didn't notice much about them.  The driver was a white female and blonde.  The passenger tanned skin and darker hair.  They seemed happy and I think I could hear music blasting from their radio.

Both seemed eager to be seen and were full of smiles and waves.

It's not too difficult to snap a cell phone picture while driving, but I never want to be in a position to have to explain why I rear ended a car while trying to do something else while driving.

Of the three (concentrate on the road, snap a cell phone picture and chew gum), I can do two and feel pretty safe.

Good thing I was out of gum.

Sorry I didn't get a clearer picture of the girls in the BMW.  They continued to try to get my attention for a couple of miles through the downtown interchange from the 101 to the 110 Freeway.  With the traffic, they never really pulled back up alongside where I could snap a clear picture.

It's not a big deal for me, but I know a lot of people would have liked to have seen the them.

They exited at Wilshire and I continued on to my assignment and here is where I buried the lead.

I probably should mention that the passenger in the BMW was flashing her boobs at me and then took off her top completely.  I think the driver might have been trying to flash me also.  I guess maybe she was chewing gum or something, but it seemed like she was having a difficult time splitting her attention between concentrating on the road and pointing out (cupping?) the passenger's boobs.

If I ever saw them again, I'm positive I'd be able to recognize and identify them.  Just don't ask me what their faces looked like.
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#167 Dad said...

it's a tough job, bryan frank, but someone's got to do it.

magz said...

Awwwww... It's so nice to see that despite the fact I've been gone awhile, your life continues on in it's same happy vein.
Hi Frank! I'm baaaaaack.....(sorta)
I feel like a neophyte- 1st internet connection in a long time, and very first hi-speed!
I'm still at the farm, and still doing about the same.
I have SO much to catch up on! Mucho schmoochos!