Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Come on LA, Show Me What You Got! (24LA Part One)

It was a whim that developed into a challenging proposition. A group of us were already going to be taking part in the Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk, but ho-hum, we'd done photo walks before.

It was a casual (meaning very little thought went into it) decision made about a month before.

The plan was to map out and photograph some of the most recognizable points of interest in the Los Angeles area, oh, and just to make it interesting, let's see how much we can do within a 24 hour period. No sleep, just stay up for 24 hours straight and snap pictures.

It sounded crazy, so naturally I had an immediate attraction to the idea.

Some of the points of interest were going to be pretty obvious. LAX made the list early and landmarks in the surrounding area were naturally included.

Since I never got around to actually mapping things out (at least I did make a list), it was easy to just go with the flow and make decisions about what to pass on and what to shoot while I was zipping across town.

Some places I added as I came across them. Others I knew I needed at certain times of day.

I had my heart set on sunrise from the Griffith Observatory (that was a spectacular moment).

Fireboat #2 was completely stumbled across by luck.

The lack of sleep was a very big contributing factor. The funny thing about that was I had planned on getting some rest after work and starting the 24 hour period fully napped up.

Heh-heh, well, I got tied up at the station for longer than I thought I would that day and I couldn't resist attending the monthly open house at the D.M. Gremlin Studios in Long Beach (where I also could have been tied up).

By the time I was ready to get my siesta on, it was already 11:00pm.

Instead of starting the walk with some downtime under my belt, at my official start time of midnight, I'd already been up for eighteen hours.


This is where a smart man would have realized it would be better to just cancel the project and come at it again after some sleep or on another weekend entirely.

I've said it before.

I'm not a smart man.
(to be continued. . .)

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Clif said...

Awesome! Sleep is overrated.

#167 Dad said...

Fantastic Photos and tight narrative. I especially dig te Randy's shot.