Friday, October 29, 2010

In Studio Guest

Don't get me started on how my day went yesterday. I'm trying to block out the first half (which was completely FUBAR) and I'm just going focus on the second half.

I wasn't out in field (which is my preference), but I at least got to do something that was moderately interesting.

I've shot inside the studio a couple of times recently, but this was my first time on this particular type of assignment.

We had a couple of political guest talking to Dave Bryan during the 9pm newscast. It's a three camera shoot, but looks better and is easier logistically to add a fourth camera.

Since the 8pm newscast was still running, I had to very quietly set up, but still managed to snap a few shots of the 8pm news team (better known as Rick Garcia, Sharon Tay and Evelyn Taft).

I would have shot more picture during the 9pm show, but I was busy and really didn't want to screw up.

The behind the scenes folks are accustomed to navigating through the maze of cables and know how to avoid the robo-cams.

You know, I bet I'm not the only one to have a slight phobia when it comes to the robo-cams. I've watched enough sci-fi and horror movies to know that it's only a matter of time before a freak accident and/or demonic curse brings them to life and they go on a murdering rampage.

(Hmm, that actually sounded more funny and less creepy when I wrote it.)

Still, working inside the studio and trying my best to stay out of the way is different from what I experience out in the field.

In the field, I call the shots (figuratively and literally).

The autonomy (or semblance of autonomy) is a big part of what I enjoy about my job. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I do realize that an army of people are working on their parts of the process to get stories on the air.

I just don't see them while I'm crashing a package or setting up a live shot.

Even though it feels like the reporter and I are mostly working alone, I think I'm just happier in the comfort zone of my microwave truck. It's easier for me and it's what I'm used to at this stage of my career. I know where everything is, I know when I can actually talk out loud and I know that my camera and tripod isn't going to suddenly come to life and go all "kill all humans" on me.

My light kit might. Everybody knows light kits are evil anyways.

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