Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Evening in Balck and White

Strangely, there is no subtext to the title of this post. I was just having fun turning some digital pictures in black and white.

It feels good to not be guilted into posting new writing or pictures on my blog. At least, I imagine it would feel good. In reality, I wouldn't really know what "not guilty" feels like.

That's because I constantly feel the pressure to post something. Even more so, when I haven't been contributing anything on a regular basis.

Pretty much the bulk of this year.

Thank goodness, I have a few new pictures to post (sorry, I'm still feeling like I don't have a lot to ramble about).

The end of my work day found me in the downtown area. I'd been covering the court proceedings for the "Survivor" producer who killed his wife in Mexico.

Whoa, there. Okay, he's accused of killing his wife. There's always the possibility that he's innocent.


Anyway, I was downtown and lately I was starting to climb the walls and go into withdrawal. I just haven't been snapping many pictures lately and that's been depressing.

Downtown traffic was just heavy enough to provide a pretty darn good motivation for me to not jump into it.

That worked pretty well as motivation. I managed to get out my camera and tripod and snapped a few freeway shots. I even made it over to the Music Center and caught the tail end of the tree lighting ceremony.

I didn't hang around too long. The ceremony was wrapping up and the news crews covering it were wrapping up their last live shots. Some (HI, KEN KOLLER!) were pulling up their neatly taped down cables.

It felt good to snap a few shots. After a long day at work, I think this was a nice bit of "peaceful" and "calm" to soothe my judgmental attitude.

No, wait! That "Survivor" producer? I still think he did it.

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Jack said...

It was nice to finally meet the famous BeFrank in person today. Kind of crazy to think of the places that blogging can take you, but still very cool.