Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cold and/or Flu in this Holiday Season

Somehow I managed to come down with something over the Christmas week.  With two very full days of holiday festivities planned over the weekend and no way to cancel, I had to man up and muscle through.

Yes, that is an upside down Christmas tree and that is the Holiday Yule Log burning bright on the TV.

Christmas day started out rather peaceful.  The most difficult part of the week was behind me.  I'd been out in the bad weather in Highland covering the mudslides.

Pretty sure that's where I picked up whatever it is that's got me on the ropes.

It might have happened later in the week, but the steady rain soaking I got Monday through Wednesday just seems like the likely culprit.

It wasn't until Friday afternoon that I really felt like I was coming down with something, but the previous two days of covering the last minute shopping at local malls kept me busy enough that I didn't pay much attention to the warning signs.

Scratchy throat, aches and pain, slight cough and I still remember the dampness from the rain.  Yeah, I was making it too easy for the cold and flu season to add me to the stats.

Complete collapse happened around 11:30pm on Sunday night.  The last of our holiday company (son, daughter, two nephews and family friend) was playing XBox with the new Kinect motion thingy.

I laid down on the floor near the TV and I can remember someone throwing a blanket over me.  I also remember people suggesting I should just go to bed.

That was Sunday.  I slept through most of Monday.

Today, the sun is out and more rain is expected late tonight.  I'm going to head into work, but only because I'm stubborn.  Sure, I expect there might be more mud coming down late tonight, but with any luck, I'll be home and snug in my bed before it hits.

I hope to be over being sick before the new year.  Have a wonderful day, I'm going to go stock up on my meds.

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Anonymous said...

So sorry you were feeling poorly and hope you're on the road to recovery.

In the meantime, HOW did you do that tree????

Robin in Boston

#167 Dad said...

Aren't you the guy who wrote the book on manning up and muscling through?
Good lookin' holiday living room you have there.

beFrank said...

Two words: Blue Twisted Steel...ok, three.

Clif said...

Best wishes for the new year!

beFrank said...

Robin - The upside down trees were popular about four years ago. We bought one for almost nothing the week after Christmas that year.

#167 Dad - I'm ready to take over the world. Who's with me?

Clif - Right back at you. Hope the Holidays are treating you well.