Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fatal Friday

Don't play out in the rain.

That's something I think to myself every day I'm out covering the news in bad weather. It doesn't help.

Yesterday was pretty intense. I had no reporter, but multiple assignments all over the county.

Even though I started out in Sherman Oaks (doing rainy weather video from the corner of Sepulveda and Ventura Boulevard), I was pulled from that and sent over to Highland Park for a fire with a possible fatality.

Possible turned into definite. After shooting video of the still smoldering home, I finally got confirmation that there was a body found inside.

I linked in the microwave and fed the video.

It depressed me a little to think about the loss of life, but not seeing any signs of a body, it wasn't particularly difficult to put it out of my mind.

Friday night, cold and wet, I was calculating what my chances would be of getting off work on time.

It turned out to be no chance at all. I got a call to shoot video of a gas station price sign and just when I thought for sure the desk would be sending me towards my eagerly anticipated weekend, I got my last assignment of the night.

Head out to the 210 Freeway (just past the 57) and shoot video of the fatal big rig accident.

Two deaths in one night.

Gee, I'd like to say that I'm a professional and it doesn't bother me.

That's not the case.

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Amani Channel said...

B. Frank. I haven't stopped by your world in a minute. Happy Holidays to you brah. Some days are like that. Someone has to document the madness.