Thursday, December 09, 2010

Highway 138 Accident (People Died).

I can tell you it was cold out on the side of the road.

We were covering a fatal accident on Highway 138 last monrth.  Highway 138 is off I5 just before you get to Gorman if you're heading North from Los Angeles.  Most people wouldn't ever know that, but I do.  That's only because I'm pretty well versed in the area having worked for a little while in Bakersfield.

I knew snow was a strong possibility, but it was raining, but it wasn't quite cold enough to snow.

The road was closed because of the accident, so I didn't have to worry much about adding to the body count (getting tagged by speeding motorists is always a big concern for news phtographers).

It was a terrible accident.  A vehicle with one occupant drifted into oncoming traffic.  The oncoming vehicle was a fire transport carrying several fire fighters.

This happened right before Thanksgiving.  I just saw that I had only mentioned it in passing on my blog with just a cell phone photo.

It was a sad story.  There were people injured who are probably still recovering.  I can only imagine how the people who lost a friend or family member might feel as we get closer to Christmas.

My thoughts are with them.

It happened weeks ago and I've been on a dozen stories since then.  I don't remember all the details of that story or that night, but it's easy to remember a couple of things.

I remember driving the satellite truck very carefully on the way back.  When you're alone on a dark empty highway, you can't help but consider how lucky you are to be heading for home (as opposed to the hospital or worse).

The other thing I remember is, even without snow, how cold it was.  I'm chilled a little now just thinking about it.  Somehow-- and I could just be imagining it, but it always seems a little colder when people die.

I'm going to get ready for another day at work now.  I'll be bringing an extra sweater, because I never know where I might end up.
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