Monday, January 10, 2011


First day back from vacation today. Caught a breaker about ten minutes into my shift.
Tarzana school on lockdown while the police search the area for a suspect in a hit and run.
It's good to be back.


Anonymous said...

My child goes to Wilbur Avenue School. The principle and teachers acted swiftly to lock our kids in safely away from 3 suspects on a police chase after shoplifting, then hit a mother of children in the crosswalk during the pursuit to get away.

Abandoned car and fled on foot.

2 female suspects caught, the 1 male not caught yet. I am confident the last suspect will be found.

Wilbur principle, staff, teachers and parents acted swiftly.

Sad that crime happens.

beFrank said...

Anonymous - Well, that's pretty much exactly what happened.

I'm glad there weren't more injuries and I'm glad everyone acted swiftly.