Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Playing Frisbee on the Beach.

Kidding! The last thing I'd want to do is upset anyone.

This is a fun post to write, with just a little pinch of melancholy. There's nothing like watching a group of young adults frolic in the sun to make a person take stock of their age.

Not that I'm letting it get to me. As I get older I'm finding myself surprisingly comfortable with the things that time (and a nearly constant state of celebratory living) can do to a body.

It was just a good opportunity to reflect on my life as a person and as a parent. My son, Jannon Frank, was in town for an Ultimate Disc competition. He was one of the frolicky young folk I mentioned.

Nice "catch" there.

As a photographer and as a writer, I've spent a good portion my life a witness to events big and small.

Knowing that about me, you'd think I'd be a great spectator for sports.

Nope. Not so much.

It's a constant battle between my short attention span and my desire to capture a moment a moment in time for later enjoyment. Usually my attention span gets the better of me.

Wait, where was I?

Oh, yeah. It was a spectacularly nice day out on the beach near the Santa Monica Pier where the competition took place.

Once we got past the whole "who's the strange guy taking pictures" phase and word had made it through the crowd that I was related to one of the players, it was really a nice afternoon.

They gave me a beer and I managed (just barely) to not wander into the way of the game.

Parents don't always see eye to eye with their kids and I'm no stranger to being the frustrated parent. It was just a nice day at the beach and none of that mattered.

For a brief bit of time, I got to see my son as both the grown man behaving as an adult. . .

. . .and as the little boy just having fun with his friends.

That was pretty cool.

As a bonus, I got a lot of pictures that he can look back on when he's my age. I'd be interested in seeing how he feels about running around in the sand then.

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Clif said...

Great story and pictures, Bryan!

#167 Dad said...

Digging the action photos...