Tuesday, February 22, 2011

RIP: Dwayne McDuffie

He wasn't someone I knew, but I thought his work was very cool. Dwayne McDuffie passed away today at the age of 49.

He was a writer and producer for comic books and Hollywood. He might be best known to the general public for his work on the Saturday morning cartoon, "Static Shock".

I enjoyed his writing and I admit that I cheered for him and his partners when they set out to create their own comic book universe with Milestone Media.

Even though the mega-bucks money they can generate has put comic book heroes on the map, I'll always have a greater appreciation for what comics can do for a person's imagination and sense of right and wrong.

It's just sad that someone who made a pretty nice contribution to the world is no longer with us, but I hope his work continues to inspire others.

Even though it might be kind of goofy, wherever he is, I also hope he's flying, shooting plasma beams from his eyes and bench pressing tall buildings.

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RealRaiderNation said...

Big ups to DM. I read a lot of comics he wrote.