Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Well, Hello, Carol Channing!

So cool.

There were a number of older members of Broadway royalty at the Pantages Theater last night. I was there to cover the 90th Birthday and fundraising event being held to honor Carol Channing.

It's a shame, but I know there are probably a lot of younger readers of my blog that have no idea who Carol Channing is, just as I couldn't name many of the actors and actresses that attended and participated in the event.

I don't care. At least I knew who Carol Channing was and it was just hands down a great experience to witness.

Bruce Vilance was the host of the evening. Unconventional is probably the best way to describe him. For those who don't know, he's a comedy writer and if you laughed at anything while watching an awards show, variety show, stage show or musical performance in the last fifteen or twenty years, Bruce probably wrote the joke.

Carole Cook is a friend and contemporary of Carol Channing. It was interesting to get the history lesson of their friendship spiced up with a few funny anecdotes.

It was another pleasant surprise of the evening that the media was given such great access before and even during the event.

Held in the lobby area of the Pantages, we were led to prime spots behind the center concession counter and later, for Carol Channing's entrance, we were positioned to one side of the stage.

The message between the lines that I took away from the evening was all about living life to the fullest and using your imagination to follow your dreams.

Sure, that might sound a bit corny, but these people have led some pretty amazing lives. Maybe some were born rich or well connected. The stories they told were mostly about hardship and hard work.

We could all tell each other to just be born with rich parents, but I'm okay with the hard work route.

It makes for a much better musical show stopping finish before the final curtain comes down.

You can't see it, but I'm tipping my hat and taking a bow. This is the part where you applaud.

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