Monday, March 21, 2011

It's Called an Opportunity.

It's not every day that I start out at 1:30am.  Heck, since last week, it's been more like 3am and now that seems like what normal is supposed to be.

I'm working the early morning shift as a favor and also to be just a little less like normal as I hurtle towards my 50th birthday.

Good for me that my luck is still holding.  The rain passed through and was completely absent from my early morning live shots.

Don't ask me why I wanted to see the sunrise from behind a camera on the day after a very rainy day.  I couldn't tell you.  Lately, I'm too tired from the strange hours to contemplate much.

I just like having the freedom.  I just like doing things that other people won't (or can't).  Even if my choices seem strange, it's good to be alive.

Happy Monday.
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cyndy green said...

Understood re doing it your way. I went on a combo night/weekend shift so I could handle family matters. No one wanted the shift...worst hours and no weekend off...I loved it because I could work, get some pretty darn interesting stories, and take care of business. Plus the weekend staff really hung together and the weekend reporters (generally new/young) were grateful for a decent photog who didn't complain all of the time.

beFrank said...

I used to love my weekend shift. They had to pry me out of it, but life goes on and I adapted to just working until I drop.