Monday, April 11, 2011

More Catching Up

I'm maybe two months behind for the year in processing pictures and writing.  You know, that's not too good, considering it's only April.

On top of that, this past March was my officially least productive month EVER!

I guess I should qualify that, because I made a ton of overtime at work and got to cover some nice interesting assignments.

Running an SNG truck for CBS Newspath at the NCAA Finals probably ranks pretty high on the "interesting" scale.

It might also be interesting to know that I was at the Dodger Opening Day game where that Giants fan incident occurred.

I've known for a couple of years now that the crowds were beginning to go overboard on the shenannigans at the game.

We've had more than one incident where a drunken fan decides to try to crash our live shot.

We've had to call security before and that's been the end of it, but I kind of wonder what's going to happen when security isn't nearby, I'm behind the camera and outnumbered by a crowd of drunks who all think getting on TV and yelling is the funniest thing ever.

It's not always a safe job that I do, but then again who would have thought that just going to a baseball game would involve risking your life.

Keep in mind, it's always been dangerous out there.

You shouldn't live in fear of the things that might happen, but don't tempt fate by pretending that nothing bad could ever possibly happen to you.

Just be careful.

That's all I'm saying.

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teachj said...

I love your night photography. I'd love to know what camera, lens, f/stop, shutter speed you used in these shots.

Paul Skolnick said...

The posts have been far between, and that's always sad. But if you're picking up OT, there's a benefit. Here's to more pictures and words before the May book!

beFrank said...

teachj - If you click on the photo and follow it to Flickr, the camera info (5DmkII) and EXIF data is avaialable.

Paul - I'm keeping busy, but trying to find the time in my schedule to relax and work on writing and pictures.

Osterreich said...

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