Monday, May 30, 2011

Death and a New Perspective

For a couple of days last week, I covered the death of Hawthorne Police Officer Andrew Garton.

If you had told me last week that I could have a better understanding of what South Bay area law enforcement officers were going through, I probably wouldn't have believed you.

It's not that I didn't have the ability to understand or empathize with what the officers were feeling. They had lost a friend and fellow officer.

I've covered stories that have involved death before and often. I've suffered through the death of friends and family members.

So, now I understand that it was with a slight of bit of arrogance to believe I understood how the members of the Hawthorne Police Department felt last week.

They lost a friend and coworker to a set of circumstances that just seemed randomly impossible. Not to violence in the line of duty, but just to an accident.

Reporter Rita Garcia and I talked to people who knew Officer Garton. I think it fair to say, the officers we spoke to seemed frustrated and troubled over the sudden loss.

Working in news, I've seen how random life can be. Accidents happen. Mostly they happen to other people and sometimes we have a reason to tell the story on the news on TV.

Accidents? Mostly they happen to other people.

I'm still dealing with the loss of my friend and coworker, James Kang. The suddenness and unexplained circumstances surrounding his passing is also frustrating and troubling.

My condolences go out to the friends and family of Officer Garton. It's now with a different perspective that I offer my condolences.

It might sound slightly trivial, but it is with the sincerity of having also recently lost a friend that I add, I feel your pain.


Paul Skolnick said...

You know, Bryan, from all the pictures we've all seen of James over the last week, none of us has mentioned that he seems to have had a world-class collection of vintage rock 'n roll and sports t-shirts. It's downright incredible!

Cafe Pasadena said...

I'd like to see fotos of those Vintage t-shirts!

With life, you rarely know who you're going to say "Hello" to, nor when you're going to have to say, "GoodBye"...