Saturday, May 28, 2011

James Kang Lives Forever

A close friend of mine passed away yesterday. The unexpected and sudden nature of his passing has left me feeling quite unprepared to accept that he's no longer with us.

I don't have much in the way of details and nobody even knows yet what caused his death. He was at work at our station. He told people he wasn't feeling well and left to go home.

His body was found later in his car in the parking structure.

I'll say it for you, "DAMN!"

James was one of the guys I hung out with to take pictures. Our group (we're still not a club) has met and continues to meet irregularly (but often) simply to indulge our hobby.

He was one of the few people crazy enough to hang out with me day or night in the sunshine or even in the rain just to take pictures.

Many people might think it was a little insane to be in the places we frequented in the hours we we there. It was always a conscious effort to capture and share photos that were outside of our "comfort zone".

He was a spiritual brother in photography and all around just a great friend.

James Kang lived a life of kindness and friendship.

He set the best example of anyone I've known of how a friend should behave.

I wish more people were inclined to follow that example.

James leaves behind a lot of tearful friends.

Knowing how much he loved taking pictures, I truly believe we'll soon see our first photographs of heaven. They'll be black and white and will have been shot on film.

Understandably, it might take a while for him to post them on Flickr.


Gigi said...

Very nice and loving tribute to your friend, Bryan. From everything I have read he was an amazing person. May James rest in peace. I will keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers. Gigi

FlutePrayer said...

I am so very sorry for the loss of your dear friend. This has been a hard season for you and Dellis. You are on my heart and in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Bryan -- Thank you for sharing. This is a beautiful tribute to James. He and I attended Eagle Rock High School. You summed it well when you wrote that he lived a life of kindness and friendship. I will miss him.
-Rosalie Domingo

Erick said...

Nice tribute to James. Truely a sad time.

Cafe Pasadena said...

Ditto everyone else.
Words & pics - a great tribute to your good friend. And a great photo blog you have here!

The Kanger Photo Club! has a nice click to it.

rob said...

sorry for ur lost.may he rip.

suzannemarques said...

may James rest in peace, such a sweet soul

Suzanne Rico said...

Hi Byron--I loved seeing this side of James. And I'm so glad he had so many people who loved him. He certainly made an effort to make those around him feel special. Thanks for sharing these photos. Be well.

Gena Vazquez said...

What a beautiful tribute, Frank for our sweet James. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and these great photos that capture him so perfectly.

Anonymous said...

i just felt like googling him... and your site came up. i knew him for years, but am closer to his sisters even more. you've captured a beautiful side of him... a side not everybody always got to see... a side he showed to those he truly loved & cared for. you clearly were one of them. thank you for sharing this. this was genuinely who jimmy was and continues to be... even in heaven ;)

Cynapse said...

Dear Bryan: Your talent with words and photographs beautifully described your friend James. I am so sorry for your unexpected loss.
Peace be with you.

Alyce said...

I said it before, I'll say it again - I didn't know your dear friend, James - but the pictures you shared here and on FB, tell the story of a gentle man, full of spirit and love for life and the art of photography. What a smile! I can imagine the insane/fun times you had together! I can relate to how those times kept you sane, and whole in a world full of bad news. And this tribute here in words and pictures is fitting, fitting, fitting!!! What a body of work he has left with us for ALL time, and into eternity. And I agree with you - black and white, on film...and it might take a minute to post on Flickr! So...we'll wait. Patiently!