Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Do we get to pick and choose our assignments? Nope. If that were the case then the city of Acton, California might never get any news coverage.

I'm not saying that's my sentiment. I just think it's a natural reaction to drop a few f-bombs to yourself when you see the assignment file has your unit number next to an Acton location.

I'm glad things are the way they are. If they were different, I might never have met Mr. Kim Fahey.

He's quite a character. It's too bad that not everyone feels the same.

The house that he's been working on for the past thirty years is a bit unconventional and he's been ordered to tear it down.

Having been there and having seen the project myself, I have to admit it's not exactly something I'd want to have looming over me if I was one of Mr. Fahey's neighbors.

Even if I was, I'd also have to admit the house that Mr. Fahey has built has more character than Disneyland and I think he should be encouraged to finish it.

Instead he's being threatened with the possibility of doing a long stretch of time in jail.

It doesn't seem fair that building something on your own piece of land in the middle of nowhere should be considered a criminal act.

Something is wrong with that picture. At first glance you might just think it's the house.

Really, it's not.

Having been to "Phonehenge" and having walked around it, I'm positively amazed at what Mr. Fahey has built.

I wish the people who want to tear it down could see it the same way.

They don't.

I'm just glad I got the opportunity to visit and I wish the builder of "Phonehenge" plenty of luck in his pending litigation.

You know, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have made the trip if it had been left up to me.

I love that my job really gets me out of my comfort zone.

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