Tuesday, June 21, 2011

TMZ and Me.

My day has started. I'm hanging out a little early because I wanted to bring my recently assigned (don't call it new) news van to be detailed. That's a post for another day.

This post?

Just another day in news.

I really love the fact that I get to be out in the world. Melissa McCarty and I were covering a recent development in the Governator's continuing baby mamma drama.

A British tabloid had scored the first interview and we were going to interview a celebrity/entertainment gossip expert at his secret lair on Sunset.

Yup, that's Mr. TMZ himself, Harvey Levin.

The question I wanted to ask was, "dude, how could you let somebody outbid you on this?"

Well, it probably made sense from a business standpoint, but still, come on, do we really want to let anyone challenge the (good old) USA in tabloid superiority?

Nope. No-sir. We do not.

The rest of the day proved to be pretty uneventful. We cut the piece, did a liveshot in front of a newsstand at Van Nuys and Ventura Boulevard.

We travelled no further than from one side of the Hollywood Hills to the other, but that was all we needed to do.

Easy day? Sure.

Don't worry, we have all summer to make up for it.


Crosby Kenyon said...

I can't help but want to know more about that Children's Hospital billboard in you last photo.

beFrank said...

I know. It's really pretty cool.