Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Bitter Cold

It might not seem like any part of Southern California, but the light snow we got in the higher elevations we got last week is the closest we come to a winter snow storm.

Sure, it might pale in comparison to places where the snow actually covers the ground, but this is ours and it's still miserable for me to be standing around in it to do live shots.

The part of highway 5 near Gorman that routinely gets closed in snowy weather was once again the goto spot for me to bring a satellite truck and a bag packed with extra clothes (just in case I might be staying for a few days).

There were a couple of things I was happy about.

I was running the SAT truck and we weren't going to be hanging out on the bridge over the highway where the wind can pick up a man and send him flying to his death in front of oncoming traffic.

What?  Just because it hasn't happened, doesn't mean it couldn't.

I mean, with the way my luck went that night, I wouldn't have been surprised.

My little SAT truck that could, died on me.  Dish motor function malfunction and the only spot for a microwave shot from at area is the hated bridge.

Luckily we only did one live hit before the station pulled us for breaking news.

A big rig truck had caused a seven vehicle accident on the 5 near the 14.

Uh. . .wait, did I say, luckily?

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#167 Dad said...

How lucky for you - living in LA, and still getting the opportunity to brave freezing sleet and now!