Friday, December 02, 2011

Some Joy

I've had many an adventure in the past few weeks. Stuff that even curled my toes a little (Occupy L.A., I'm looking at you). I've got a few minutes while waiting for my truck at the car wash, so here are some pictures that represent the most important assignment I've had in recent days.

I think I might have mentioned that my middle daughter and her husband are expecting their first child.

Early morning shifts, late nights and hella long days kept me pretty busy during her visit, but we were determined to set up "Studio Be" and get some shots of the very preggers Mrs. Francis.

I wish I had more time to say all of how I feel. There some events more important than others in life and this was one that will carry me through the darkest days of news.

I have to go, but I'm glad I got a chance to share a few shots. I'm pretty happy right now.
I hope it spreads a bit.


FlutePrayer said...

Thank you for this. You're going to be a wonderful grandpa! <3<3<3

beFrank said...

I sure hope so.

Paul Skolnick said...

This is one of the great diversions from this week's news that I've seen. Congrats to the entire Frank family. And the grandkid just got his/her first jumping shot!

cyndy green said...

Thank you for sharing...we all need some joy in this world and you have provided it.