Saturday, January 07, 2012

Shreveport, LA

It wasn't a vacation.

My mother was experiencing some health issues that were not seeming to get better.  In fact, quite the opposite.  Her health seemed to be getting worse.

That's why I spent the better part of this week visiting my folks in Shreveport.

I'm cautiously optimistic, but everything does seem better now.

I'm not sure if it was anything that I did.  If I had to guess, I'd say it was a combination of the care she was getting and just possibly the added boost to her spirits from my visit.

I did a lot of praying early this week, because I am so inclined.

After just a couple of days, there was a measurable level of improvement in my mother's condition.  I was still a bit of a wreck, but at least there was  cause for optimism.

There wasn't much time for me to relax and enjoy the regular activities that I look forward to when I visit.

Late in the week, I did push myself to take a drive by myself to try and snap a few shots to share.

I'm sure it's odd (to some) but even in uncertain times, I find myself unable to just sit and observe without feeling that urge capture my surroundings with my camera.

My folks wouldn't appreciate me posting photos of them from this week.

Well, my dad might not care, but my mother would have a fit.

I'm going to just leave that part of the trip alone.

I had about two hours to capture what I could.  I also needed the time to clear my head.

There's a lot I'd have done different if I had a little more time.  It was actually difficult for me to get warmed up.

It wasn't as much time as I needed (to get a good sense of where I was, let alone clear my head).

But the purpose of the trip wasn't to take pictures.

I was visiting my folks, because i thought they might need me and because that's what children do.

My thanks for the good thoughts and prayers sent our way from the people who knew about my trip.  It was never my intent to exclude any family or friends, but it wasn't an easy trip to make.

I didn't want discussion.

I just wanted to do what I needed to do.

(Also, there's no significance to the b&w processing choice on some of the photos.  I just felt like it.)

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FlutePrayer said...

Our trip to Oklahoma City to see Bob's mom was for the same reason, with similar improvement toward the end of the stay. You wonderful men bring healing to those who gave you life. Praying for you all.