Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Boston Casual

Still waiting for the birth of my grandchild and still trying to put the time spent here in Boston to good use.

That means I'm taking pictures.

Black and white seems appropriate to the photos, but not really reflective of my current state of mood (playful and upbeat, thank you).

The Prudential building is the tallest building in Boston. There's an observation deck on the 50th floor that has a great view of the city and is awesomely well suited for taking pictures. Entrance to the observation deck costs twelve dollars. Seems kind of steep, but you're not going to get that view anywhere else in the entire city.

It was an overcast and lightly snowy day. I waited until just before sundown and dashed over to the Prudential building (which is really close to where my daughter lives).

It was closed. The observation deck, not the Prudential Building.

I could've called it a day, but it just seemed too easy to give up without looking for a plan "B".

So, I just sort of walked over to the elevator and rode it up to the 52nd floor. On the 52nd floor is a 5 star restaurant called "Top of the Hub". Sure, I had tennis shoes on, but apparently it was either a slow day or they just don't have all that strict of a dress code.

I tweeted and Instagram'd about enjoying a Sam Adams Beer (with a side of cheeseburger and fries) as I relaxed, composed shots and snapped a few pictures through my window from my table in the clouds.

I think Robeert B. Parker would've been proud of me.

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Anonymous said...

Great photos. 12 bucks??? Ahhh! Hey was that a lobster roll in the the photo stream? Always wanted to try one of those.