Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Radio Days

Okay, how do I not post about my assignments where I get to meet a celebrity?

A couple weeks back when Dick Clark passed away, we were literally zipping back and fourth across town trying to get anybody who had more than a thin connection to the man pinned down for an interview.

The folks at his production company almost went on camera.  Well, they let us into the office, but that was probably a mistake and they never had any intention of talking to us.

At least I got to see the inside lobby of their production office.

We found ourselves grasping at straws until Rick Dees agreed to talk to us.  He and Dick Clark go back a ways and RIck Dees was a great interview.

Our only problem was in getting to him.  Dick Clark Productions is based in Santa Monica.  Rick Dees is located in Burbank.  Getting across town in traffic with a deadline looming is a nice experience.

Yup, good times.

I could have done without the live-shot that day, but we shot the interview, cut the piece and made it on the air.

Sometimes the folks at home don't know what we've gone through to bring them the news.

That's what I'm here for.  I hope I make it look easy.

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#167 Dad said...

Pretty cool,Bryan. Rick Dees was a gig part of of 29 years in L.A. The guy has aged well, hasn't he?