Tuesday, September 18, 2012

LA Mission Gala (w/celebs)

There were only a couple of celebrities that I recognized at an event I covered last week (a fundraiser to benefit the LA Mission). In all honesty, there were lots of stars and almost stars that I didn't recognize.
No big surprise, my average celebrity recognition score is usually pretty suck for someone who lives and work so close to Hollywood.
At least I recognized this event's highest profile guests.
It would have been difficult to miss Kirk and Anne Douglas.
Okay, maybe just Kirk.
Even after his stroke, Kirk seems to still be going pretty strong. He and his wife seemed like the perfect Hollywood power couple.
I appreciated their generosity and the example set for more recently famous folks.
I've never been a reality TV fan (though I've somehow watched maybe four episodes of "Storage Wars" with my middle child), but I'm told the couple (both the animal printed half and the guy in the red shirt) were a part of earlier seasons of something called "America's Big American Survivor Idol Search".
She's sporting an engagement ring. I wish them the best of luck in both their career and relationship. Neither area is known for promoting longevity in Hollywood.
They might have done well to ask for any and all advice Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. might have for young music industry couples.
They've been together for a lot longer than most and they credit their spiritual faith for the success in theirersonal and professsional lives.
I'm not trying to be critical, but it always seems a bit odd when I cover fundraisers for charitable organizations and the setting is so far removed from the beneficiaries of the charity.
Still, I believe when you're reaching out for donations, you need to go where the people are who can best afford to give the kind of money needed to support the cause.
I've covered stories on skid row and I've seen the need. I'm thankful for the chraitable work of celebrities like Kirk and Anne Douglas. A lot of people in this world are good at talking and gossiping, but when it comes down to it, time and money are what makes a difference.
Good deeds make for a nice day at the office for me.

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