Friday, November 23, 2012

One Week Done

Much of my week was spent simply trying force myself to go to bed early in the evening. Having to get up at 2:30AM all week wasn't easy. My bed time was 6:30PM'ish (I never went to bed on time).
Still, You'll be happy to know, I did manage to get enough sleep so I wasn't nodding off in traffic.
The last couple of stories the first week weren't all that exciting for me. The Hostess bakery strike didn't cause me to rush out and stock up on Twinkies, but I still feel like the workers were in the right for not letting the company management pad their pockets while making claims they needed to cut wages and benefits to be viable (let alone profitable).
Hostess might be one of several companies who it seems would rather sacrifice their business before being realistic about how Obamacare is going to impact their bottom line.
Sorry, Hostess. I'm not buying it. Your workers deserved better and as your executives sail into the sunset with all the money from their mismanaged company, I hope they all someday suffer for their greed.
Hopefully, the company will be replaced in the industry with something that makes better sense and the workers will be able to survive the current complete loss of their jobs.
That's Barry. He he helped me get our reporter on TV that particular morning with a long cable run. He also picked up some Hostess products (Twinkies and Ding Dongs) for the live shot.
Hi, Barry. You did a great job.
Another cool morning assignment was the morning after the new Lakers coach was hired.
It might seem silly to be standing out in front of Staple Center way early in the morning when even the most hard core fan was likely asleep.
Hey, we do live shots. You know?
It was also a beautiful morning. Look at that gorgeous light. Bravo.
The fact is, I love putting people on TV. Plus, it also gives me a great opportunity to snap a few pictures. The variety and random nature of where I'll be on any given day is wonderful for the still photographer in me.
My week of early mornings is almost over. I made it to work on time every day and managed to go to bed every evening nearly on time.
It was a challenge for me, but I'll admit, I will miss the folks on the early morning shift. They have a unique perspective on what we do and I appreciated the opportunity to share their sunrise take on news.
I have a few more pictures to share and a couple more stories to tell about my second week of early AM shifts, but I need to get a little more sleep.
It's 1:00am and I'll need to get up for work soon.

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